Mugaphi Team: Won Runner Up Cup in Miao

Our team reached a historic moment in football this year. We got Second Place trophy at the Miao Independence Tournament 2016 from among the 28 teams. Another proud moment is when Jolisa (in pic with cup) received the Best Player Award.

A person narrated to me some years ago, we never won a single match. In fact those days, one team returned with 0 to 11 goals and later with 0 to 7 goals. We began winning one match in 2014; two matches in 2015; and four matches in 2016. This is big leap for us.

Courtesy: Facebook [STANDING – Dhanwar, Tiyoye, Bayosa (Captain), Dilisay, Akhi Josali, Phiyosa, Yodawu, Bilija and Adi Jolisa; SITTING – Papu (Manager), Fulakhi, Gujosa, Tweni, Jolidi, Athiye, Gelisa, Tsisa and Ngwayotsi (Coach)]

Teams we have challenged this year:

Match Played with Scored Goals Result
Mugaphi vs New Khamlang 5 – 1 Winner
Mugaphi vs Ralungkan 5 – 1 Winner
Mugaphi vs M’pen 4 – 2 Winner
Mugaphi vs Scorpion Return 3 – 0 Winner
Mugaphi vs Upper Miao 1 – 3 Lost

Trophy with Flag in background

What Contributed to this success? I could think of a couple of factors:

· Our boys have taken interest and improved their football skills over the years.

· Four experienced players joined from our villages and a keeper from outside.

· Good leadership given by Manager, Coach and Miao Yobin Welfare Association. Support by Yobin people.

Why did we loss the Final Match with the Upper Miao FC?

· They are really good players. They played much better than most of our boys. We have much to pick up from them in terms of speed, passing and strategies.

· Another setback for our team was lack of diet knowledge. Our boys had lunch with beef curry just 3 hours before the match. That reduced speed and generated heat. As a result our team cannot run and due to thirst they drank lots of water. If this blunder had not happen, the match would have been much livelier.

What Should We do For Next Year? I overheard the following from our gatherings before and after each football match.

· We must develop good goalkeepers.

· Our boys should be trained is striking goals. We have slow and weak shots.

· Passing is still weak. We should aim at quick and correct passes.

· Play tactics and strategies is still at baby stage.

Now we are good in running, long shots, heading. Our team did not get even a single card. That is good sign of players. If we develop the above, we would play well.

This tournament received much news coverage on the Mugaphi team.

FC Gara XI, Mugaphi Vijaynaga win (ET Correspondent, 30 July 2016, The Eastern Today)

Mugaphi Vijaynagar thrashes Ranglungkan FC 5-1, enters quarters (Indrajit TIngwa, 7 August 2016, The Eastern Today)

INDEPENDENCE CUP FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT 2016 : Mugaphi Vijaynagar and UMFC enter the finals (By Indrajit Tingwa, 13 August 2016, Dawnlitpost)

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