BJP stages rally, demands better roads

Good to see at least one rally to demand for the betterment of roads yesterday. Many more such are needed.

One of the highlights from the speakers at that public rally was COMPLETE lack of transparency and accountability by the ruling government. For examples:

· I heard that the Buri Dihing bridge (bridge via Balinong to Namsai) has been under construction for the last 15 years. Almost completed but now another business is going on where one person constructed a bamboo bridge and collects revenue at Rs 60 per head.

· Miao to Namchik Road remains incomplete even after four years. Namchik to Jagun remains no man’s road. Glad to hear at the rally there will be a question on who will construct.

· Lastly on MV Road. Thanks to this political party. Not one voice we have raised on our own. They did for us.

I look forward to the TWO MONTHS ultimatum served in the memorandum. What will be next?

Read more on this from the news item by Indrajit Tingwa (AP Times, 2 August 2016).


MIAO, Aug 1: The Bharatiya Janata Party, Miao Unit on Monday took out a peaceful protest rally to press for early completion and maintenance of roads under 50-Miao assembly constituency.

Prior to the rally which commenced from Miao Bazaar and concluded at the ADC’s office, a brief public meeting was conducted where the party leaders expressed their resentment over the prevailing bad communication network in the constituency. Almost all the roads in Miao Sub-Division are in a dilapidated state for lack of maintenance or not being completed on time.

In a memorandum, the BJP Miao Unit stated that common people are suffering a lot due to pathetic road communication.

BJP Miao Unit gave two months to complete the road construction.

Responding to the public memorandum, ADC Miao T.Mara said that the bad road connectivity was not only affecting the lives of the common man but even the government functionaries and departments. He assured to do his part in forwarding the grievances of the people to the government for early redressal.

The incomplete roads are 157 kilometres Miao-Vijaynagar Road , which is currently being constructed under PMGSY scheme, Miao-Namchik Road whose construction have been going on for some time now and is the life-line of Miao Sub-Division, sanctioned under NLCPR and the village link roads and the bridge over Buri-Dihing which started construction about a decade back but yet to be completed.

The members of BJP Miao Unit led by Hunpong Tangha, President of the mandal, the members of Yuva Morcha were present besides District President Ngyilang Tangha, General Secretary District Unit Gumjanong Singpho and Chamjong Haidley who was the party candidate from Miao during last assembly election.

State Executive Council member Thiksal Morang and National Executive Council member and former minister Samchom Ngemu were also in attendance.

1 thought on “BJP stages rally, demands better roads

  1. At least or opposition leader come to the road good to see this kind of step.
    finally some hope came for our miao town road. I really feel bad when i see our township road i always wounder with one think since when i was a little boy at that time our miao township is far batter then the current stage.Don’t know what our government done we the people of miao paid our tax but we never get that facility. Lets see what step taken by ruling party after this really. And what result come out. .

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