Sketch of Shidi village in 1980s

Source: Profile of a Little Known Tribe by Asim Maitra (Mittal Publications, 1993), Page 18

The basic structure of Shidi village is still the same. What have changed over the last three decades is the size, increase of households. At the time of documenting this

· The last house in khagu/Tsomelo (South-East) was Phuyeja’s house. Now there are seven houses added. Plus several families moved to other locations.

· In khado Late Michephu’s house was the last plot as it is today. No changes.

· In sijodi, Late Holotsi’s land was the last habited house. Now alot have added, perhaps about 30 houses. In those days beyond “Student’s Football ground” no one lived. In fact in all the sijodi only 31 families were there. Asim mentioned that in those days, sijodi was called Hinduline because many people who drank alcohol lived.

· In APP camp/Sika:ja, no one lived. Only Police Station was there. Asim recorded there were police personnel those days. Now those places are completely filled and even moved over the river (koba).

The Shidi population in

· 1971 Census was 929

· 1981 Census was 971

· Asim Maitra head counted and found 1016 persons

He counted Lisu in all locations as 1293 (Shidi 1016, Hazolo 114, Dawodi 86, Pritnagar 25, Ledo 52). Now we have increased to about 4000 people.

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