Lisu language mispelt as LIJU in Census of India list of Languages

Some years ago I did an analysis of the Lisu language spoken in India based on the 2001 Census of India Data. I did not get the result.

Then I searched what language is spoken in Vijoynagar Circle and in our villages. To my surprise it was Nocte! What on earth that happen? I reasoned: Perhaps our language must have been merged for administrative reason. Because for some reason, the Government of India does not show languages with speakers below 10,000 people (some kind of magic number).

This confusion became clearer in June 2016 when a team of data collectors under the Mother Tongue Survey of India (MTSI) came to record the Lisu language. In that document from the Office of the Director of Census Operations (Arunachal Pradesh), Shillong (Order No ARZ. 11094/4/2015-Language, Dated 29th April 2016), the language spoken in Sidikuh village under Vijoynagar Circle, Changlang District AP is LIJU. Just one spelling mistake.

And in another list he had there was a language called LIJU NOCTE. That made my confusion clear. With our language mispelt as LIJU instead of LISU, ours got merged under Nocte language, which is a gross error.

To correct the Data gatherer asked to write a letter of correction. We did that and sent the letter. Hope that correction will appear in the next Census.

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