False Projection of Dawodi (Vijoynagar) as Dangerous and Security Threat Area

In recent time I am learning more that the Ex-Servicemen Settlers of Vijoynagar and perhaps the military and administration seem to enjoy claiming that Dawodi area is sensitive land. There are Chinese threats, smugglers and anti-national elements there. So the Settlers project themselves as the protector, guardian for the safety and security of the land. Here is an extract (full article can be accessed by the link),

…The majority of Jawans of the expedition [Srijitga Expedition 1961] belonged to Gorkha Community, then and therefore Government of India ordered them not to come back rather and to settle over there on service to check antinational elements and illegal immigration.… (Extracted from “Historical facts should not be ignored” by G.S. Gahire Published in Readers’ Forum, AP Times, 7 March 2013)

What an erroneous claim! Here are some of the reasons:

1. Dawodi is NOT surrounded by China; it is in three sides covered by Myanmar. This is easily verifiable on map.

2. There were military post and a police outpost in Gandhigram village until 1990s. But later they were removed most probably because they don’t see a point to be posted in a peaceful village as ours.

3. Till date, I don’t recall any incident of exchange of firings between security forces and anti-national people.

4. Lisu people have never killed a Settler, government officers or travelers in our locality. Rather we have treated anyone passing by our area with respect and kindness.

Between 1981 to 1986, the Anthropological Survey of India deputed their Anthropologist, Mr Asim Maitra, to do ethnographic research on Lisu. He stayed in Shidi village for 9 months. His finding is recorded in A Profile of Little Known Tribe (Mittal Publications, 1993). When he first came to the area he had this experience:

… the local administration looked at me with an eye of suspicion. They told me that “The Lisu are ferocious people, no one dare to move in the Lisu village in the evening. It is advisable not to go and stay there”. My stay in the Lisu village proved that statement wrong. The Lisu have a poisonous sorrow, they use it for killing wild animals and not for killing human beings… (page 4).

People love making up stories. But truth cannot be hidden forever as the anthropologist discovered by himself.

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