Sub standard Miao (Nampong) – Vijaynagar road work

Grateful for this highlight on MV Road from Nampong side. We must learn to do the same too.

Source: AP Times (January 16, 2016)

Dear Editor,
We would like to draw kind attention of concerned authority through your esteemed daily about substandard and unsatisfactory work on the Miao (Nampong) – Vijaynagar road sector 103 RCC under 752 BRTF of project UDAYAK in Arunachal Pradesh which is under progress from Nampong end.
The BRO is using local available cheapest RBM in place of specified materials to be procured from the authorized quarry in Tinsukia, Assam in all their PMT/Cement work whereas procurement of standard materials have been tendered in the name of one Sanjay Aggarwal. Without bringing the specified material on site, they are only bringing the duplicate challans/entry papers and using the local river bed materials. This will surely result in a poor quality road in future.
In addition, the village tribal laborers have been expelled from the work on the pretext of their delinquency. In fact, it is not the case. It is thereby, giving a growth impediment in the locality.
Though ongoing work is being supervised by Dhirender Tiwari (Officer-in –charge) A.E. (Civil) and Vinode Kumar, JE (Civ) personally but they are purposefully allowing the substandard quality of materials and misusing the public money.
The innocent people are unable to see through their nefarious design. These ruffians must immediately be removed from the particular site of work. It will be very unfortunate if this evil is allowed to grow unchecked. Thus there is an urgent need of their removal from the project site as early as possible.
Remit Morang
Deptoo Mungrey
Agam Mossang
Shamkhul Mossang
Tangsham Mossang
Nongjung Mossang
Rahul Tikhak
Tokhim Mossang

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