DGBR asked to put emphasis on regular maintenance of border roads in Arunachal

Quite a news to hear the widening road project of the Miao-Vijoynagar Road is given to the BRO. But another matter to learn even the survey work has been stopped from M’pen onwards due to the objection raised by the Namdapha Authority.

Source: AP Times (May 6, 2016)

NEW DELHI, May 5: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul today asked Director General of Border Roads (DGBR) Lt. Gen. Suresh Sharma for taking up of Hayuliang-Glotonglat, widening of Hayuliang-Chaglagam, double laning of Chenguinty-Kibithoo, Tupi-Dadam, Margherita-Khonsa and Miao-Vijaynagar road by the BRO.

For regular repair and maintenance of border roads, the Chief Minister urged for a dedicated plant and machinery to be stationed at regular interval so that in the event of need, quick response is available.

This was necessitated because challenge of maintaining roads in Arunachal were tremendous as presence of large number of rivulets and streams and their increased discharge during rains result in periodical damage to roads, said the CM.

He discouraged use of hume pipes and causeways for bridges as it led to its collapse and disrepair regularly. For that the CM urged for construction of permanent bridges and culverts at every required point.

The Chief Minister further asked the BRO to replace old bailey bridges with the cement concrete one. These old bridges, he pointed out were unable to cart heavy machineries and equipment for fear of collapse.

Also the recurrence of sudden cloud burst and the build-up of water in reservoirs created upstream due to landslides and their sudden discharge necessitates that high-strength bridges are built. PRO to CM

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