Encroachers evicted from Namdapha Park

Perhaps this is the third eviction against our Lisu community. The first in 1979 at Nibodi village (52 Mile) and in 1984 at Miphoto village (80 Mile). It is not just the eviction that I am concerned but the atrocities and torture the authorities meted against my people. In this particular news report that occurred on the 21 April 2016, following unkind, rather harmful acts were done:

1. MV Road was completely blocked: The Namdapha authorities ordered no pedestrians and vehicles to pass through M’pen Gate (Dated 16th April) and effective from 18 to 30 April. Reason cited as ARMS AND AMONITION TRAINING for their staff. This is inhuman. Our people have to walk home everyday. Road bandh means blocking the lifeline of the whole of Vijoynagar block.

2. Bridge over 27 Mile nallah cut off: This track was in existence prior to the MV Road. This is our lifeline too. Bridge was built by villagers just a week ago. It took them two whole days in extreme rainy days. The river swell high; people cannot cross because of the high tide. The bridge was still intact till 6 pm 20 April. The next day was cut.

The Namdapha authorities can boast of their achievement but they must never forget they have touched the livelihood of several families. See details of the torture… for them its just facts of destruction but for us it is life.


Source: AP Times, April 26, 2016

ITANAGAR, Apr 25: The officials of Namdapha National Park (NNP) along with police evicted the land encroachers of the Park on April 21.

14 dwelling houses/huts were demolished and cardamom plantation (4ha) and maize (2ha) fields destroyed during the eviction drive at 31 Mile Section of the MV Road.

The occupants were reported to be from Yobin community of Gandhigram village of Vijoynagar and Miao town.

The team could apprehend only the women (illegal) occupants as the all the male members had fled their homes on seeing the eviction team.

The encroachers will be prosecuted under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

The eviction team was led by H Nyorak, Assistant Field Director, NNP.

Before the eviction drive, a notice was served to the encroachers for vacating the lands within 45 days.

The matter of encroachment at 31 Mile was brought to the notice of PCCF (WL&BD) & Chief Wildlife Warden GN Sinha in the first week of April, 2016 by Field Director, Namdapha National Park Dusu Shra.

Sinha had taken the matter very seriously and issued strong directions to the Park authority to remove the encroachers.

Many discussions have been held in past to pursue them to vacate the area. The recent act of fresh encroachment in 31 mile area of the Tiger Reserve by few Yobin people had been an irritant to the wildlife wing of Forest Department.

The management of Namdapha Tiger reserve sought support of all the stakeholders, especially the local fringe villagers in protection and conservation of Park.

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