A sketchy Note on Eviction of Nibodi village by Forest Department in 1979

Information collected from Pastor Yeko, about 70 year old, who was the resident pastor of Nibodi village of the village. Informally interviewed on 3 March 2016 at Miao.

At the time of eviction there were 15 families living in Nibodi village (This village is also called as Aguhomu or 52 Mile). (Around this time MV Road was freshly cleared. People carried their loads on bicycles).

Just before the eviction, all the villagers were called back to Shidi village for a “photo shoot”, meaning the administration wanted to provide an identity card. The identity card later turned out to be a Refugee Card, which later was sent back to DC office in a gunny bag. Only two adults stayed in the village along with a few children.

At that time, the Forest Personnel came to the village. Houses were burnt, paddy godown were cut and burnt. They carried several daos, bows, axe which was later further confirmed in a report by CO to DC. Pastor Yeko also lost two very good axes which he never forget till this day.

When the villagers returned home, there was nothing left for their survival. With no other option before them, they went back to Shidi and Hazolo.

Of those who settled at Nibodi those days, only four of the men are still living till today. They are A.S.T, P.L, W.H and Pastor Yeko.

Along with this information coincided another eviction order by the Field Director. The villagers still remember very well the hurt the Forest Department have made on them.

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