Border areas of Arunachal have always remained neglected: Pul

Glad to find emphasis of the new CM keeping an emphasis for Vijoynagar area to develop it as one of the potential tourism sites.


Border areas of Arunachal have always remained neglected: Pul

March 3, 2016

ITANAGAR, Mar 02: “Border areas of Arunachal have always remained neglected. Arunachal comes in the national headlines only during floods and when Chinese troops make incursions in the border,” said the Chief Minister Kalikho Pul while addressing a group of delegates from Mechuka constituency recently in his office conference hall.

“Mere rhetoric of Arunachal as an integral part of India is not enough. The words have to match our actions on the ground. We have to reassure the border people of our commitment towards their development to make the border area habitable,” said the Chief Minister.

Calling the border inhabitants as vanguards in securing the international borders along the Mc Mahon line, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul informed that series of measures will be taken to improve the standard of life in the border areas.

“Border people have the knowledge of local terrains and their knowledge base serves as an important information source for the army to secure the border,” said the Chief Minister

Speaking on the priorities for border people, the Chief Minister said the state government is committed to provide all basic public services such as quality drinking water, quality health services, good road networks and proper education services.

To make the point that he was not merely air talking, the Chief Minister took the example of Hawai, headquarters of Anjaw district, where he claimed to have turned his vision into reality.

“Hawai is today a well planned town with 24 hours uninterrupted water and power supply.

It has well laid out shopping complex, good quality infrastructures such as government offices and government quarters, and has well connected 2-lane roads within the township.”

The Chief Minister said measures will also be taken to improve the economy of the border areas.

“We have rich natural resources – hydropower, mines and minerals. These sectors will be given top priority to revive the economy of the state.”

Besides tapping the natural resources, the Chief Minister said the government will also boost horticulture and agriculture development in border areas.

“We will provide all necessary financial and technical support to the farmers. Special measures will be taken to make the local economy self-sustainable,” said the Chief Minister assuring that people won’t be disappointed by his government.

The Chief Minister also emphasised on developing tourism in the border areas. For development of tourism sector, he hinted on developing four potential tourism sites in Arunachal – Mechuka, Anini, Hawai and Vijaynagar.

“These four tourism sites have their own unique natural beauty, which is distinct from each other,” said the Chief Minister.

He, however, said for development, people have to make compromises.

“People should be ready to part with their land, forests and mountains. Government cannot force development on people, but can only be achieved if they are volunteering for it,” said the Chief Minister.

The delegates were accompanied by Mechuka MLA Pasang Dorjee Sona.

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