Areas we are yet to focus on

Now ST matter is ok. We got it and glad we have started to benefit from this privilege.

Other great needs are still in progress, namely the MV Road. Unless this connectivity is established there is very less chance our people will move toward change. It is progressing at snail speed.

What about the other needs we have not touched yet?

· The Ex-Servicemen settlers who are occupying our land illegally. They are occupying way beyond their allotted land. This is NOT right.

· The participation of settlers in the Panchayati Raj. Is this a politically conspired strategy to oppress us?

· Non locals who are provided trade licenses in our area.

· Changing names: Gandhigram to Shidi, Vijoyanagar to Dawodi/J3-VI-N-T7?

· People who have complained against our community. What actions do we want to take?

· What about the Namdapha authorities who continue to brand us “encroachers” and NGOs who called the whole tribe “hunter”?

Many more.

2 thoughts on “Areas we are yet to focus on

  1. Dear Liahey,your concerns are legitimate for the people of vijoynagar but there are some points I would like to share with you and the people of Vijoynagar.
    1.Settlers in vijoynagar are Gurkha’s and according to constitution of India we are as Indian citizen as Yobins are now.
    2.Gurkha’s have not migrated from somewhere else,they have been settled by the Indian government for the safety of the region. So we have a right to seek our rights from GOI.
    3.Gurkha’s have never try to occupy your land despite Yobins are encroaching govt lands which are under reserve forest of AP govt
    4.About participation in panchayati raaj,well the region comprise both Gurkha’s and Yobins almost equally in population you cannot despise Gurkha’s from taking part.
    5.About trade licence,Gurkha’s too have to sustain their life in harsh geographical condition of vijoynagar.
    6.We have been living together for last 4-5 decades and we have struggled together (you cannot dent that). So now you have got the ST status it doesn’t mean Yobins are the only inhabitant of vijoynagar,side by side Gurkha’s have also struggled.

    So we should not ignore one another where we have spent decades together.

    concerned citizen.

    • Hi Avinash,
      Thanks for writing in.

      Please don’t misunderstand. We have nothing against the Ex-Service Settlers living in Vijoynagar area. You can easily verify we have not harm you in any way in our living together past several decades. However, our concerns and complaints are against the Government policies and actions. The government has not treated the Lisu area fairly. This is Arunachal Pradesh and does not apply the normal rights and claims like the rest of the Country. You can check whether any other community other than local tribes are given Panchayati Raj, land documents and trade licenses in Arunachal.


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