Mini hydro projects swallow public funds

I heard about this mini hydro in Vijoynagar area more than 10 years but nothing happened. Today I read this news report informing its status… sad news but a pattern practiced in the area.

Below is extract of news items (only the relevant part) from Dawnlit Post.

Mini hydro projects swallow public funds

MIAO, SEP 29, 2015:

Miao is amongst the oldest administrative sub divisions in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. But owing to absence of proper road map and non performing practices of successive elected representatives, the health of the sub division continues to deteriorate. The sub division comprising of three administrative circles (Miao, Kharsang, Vijaynagar) has tremendous potential for growth in all spheres but even the unseen god would be confused over the scheme of things. Coal, timber, crude oil, minerals, orchids, wildlife and what not, Miao has every ingredients needed to emerge as the most developed town of the state. But at this point of time, it is otherwise.
Vijaynagar, the easternmost circle of Miao Sub Division is stagnating in the old age as even basic amenities are a distant dream, compelling Yobin and Gorkha settlers to shift to Miao township in search of work, education for children and medical facility. With the suspension of Pawanhans chopper service, the people of Vijaynagar are compelled to scale 157 km on foot.
In the name of development the construction of Miao- Vijaynagar road (country’s longest link road) is underway but the fate is questionable. Aimed at providing power supply to the people of the valley, a mini hydro project was departmentally taken up at Gherigaon with much enthusiasm and tall talks but even two years after completion of building infrastructures there is no news of power generation. At this point of time if anyone visits Gherigaon it would be practically difficult to locate the site as the hydro project is hidden beneath jungles, turned safe haven for insects and poisonous snakes. Interestingly, the entire valley is electrified but electricity don’t ply on those wires.

1 thought on “Mini hydro projects swallow public funds

  1. let them swallow whatever and how much they want…they are not going to be ashamed of what they are doing… May God at least give them a space in hell…

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