Details of the Land Lease to the Ex-Servicemen of Vijoynagar Area

Recently a friend gave me a copy of land lease certificate of an ex-service of Assam Rifles family. A couple of facts about this document:

· It was called “LAND ALLOTMENT ORDER”.

· Issued by the Deputy Commissioner of Changlang District, vide Govt. Signal No. LR-117/87 of 12 April 1990.

· Allocated land consists of Residential Area and Agriculture land.

· Granted lease for 30 years.

A note: This lease expires in another 5 years (in 2020). Do we sit mum? Because the certificate ends with this conditions: “The Government reserves the right to altar or change or cancel any term and conditions from time to time as decided by the competent authority of the Land Records Department of Arunachal Pradesh”.

Conditions of the Land Allotment Order:

1. The allottee shall be liable to pay the land value and lease rent at such rates as may be fixed by the government from time to time.

2. The allottee shall not transfer or sublet any portion of the land allotted to him/her.

3. The allottee shall not utilize the land for the purpose other than for which it is allotted to him/her.

A Concern:

According to the lease, they must confine within the given land, that too with sufficient conditions. But they have taken additional lands not given. They have even taken the land where we have cultivated. This is not right.

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