Lisu shops at Miao

It is now about 15 years our people began to settle in Miao. Several people have taken interest to run business to support their families.

Two days ago in preparation for a meeting on the 11 July 2015, I counted the number of shops run by the Lisu here. I counted 20 shops.

But almost all our people did similar business. Sixteenth out of the 20 shops sell cloths and related items. Mostly the items are “Dimapur” goods. The other four shops have books, wine, provision and mini-restaurant.

We need to explore other options. I thought of atleast two.

One, a Lisu traditional shop. A shop where we can get traditional cross-bows, basket, dao handle, salah cloth, bags etc. We need it to be handy whenever there are needs for our use or for anyone who would like to purchase our traditional materials as souvenir.

Two, a Lisu restaurant. This should have all traditional foods available. I can think of smoked pork, tsengo, thajhiphele (dried persimmons), hwapi . The idea is to have people taste our foods and also for us to take whenever we miss them.

Perhaps more than this we need a professional business person to help our people move well in modern businesses.

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