Notes on status of ST certificate

This week I had to visit the ADC office several times for a couple of office works – for birth certificate and ST certificate. On 23 June, a total of 445 applications for obtaining ST certificates were submitted to the office. Out of that 141 applicants were issued the certificates. Khiyosa Ngwazah received the first certificate, No. 1!

On the 5th May, the first 12 certificates were issued in a simple ceremony at the ADC office.

The initial benefits are becoming available for us. For this academic year, students are receiving books at concession rates. My sister who has just joined class xii paid only Rs 190 for her books, otherwise she will need to pay about Rs 700. Another student joined a school and received highly subsidized school fees.

More benefits are to follow: The government workers are getting ready to claim promotions. Young people are looking forward for better jobs. Elder people for other benefits.

I look forward for a day when almost everyone will have multiple livelihood options and availability.

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