Realised ST on ground

Beginning of January this year, data collection of Family Dossier carried out extensively in all of the Lisu inhabited villages. The Panchayat leaders shouldered this responsibility. The following next two months spent on keying in of those data and formatting, and then finally submitted to the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Miao towards the end of March. Total compiled members were almost 4,000.

The Governor of AP notified Yobin as ST on the 6th February 2015. It came into force after publishing by The Arunachal Pradesh Gazette (Extraordinary) on the 31 March 2015.

This happy news cannot be kept. So three of our ST committee – Avia, Tifu and Stephen – went to all our villages to share this news, taking a copy of the gazettee, from 13 to 25 April. A mega meeting was also held at Shidi to discuss what’s next.

By then several applied for ST certificates, but slightly delayed. The administration had to prepare separate forms and certificate for us. (for other communities, already “Miao” had been imprinted on the certificate).

And on 5 May (incident the very day the Srijitga Expedition reached Shidi in 1961!) the ADC called for meeting at his office. Public leaders both from Tangsa and Singpho gathered. Also the K. Mossang (Minister), FD, police officers, media persons). Certificates to the first 12 people were issued.

A big celebration is coming up in November at Shidi. Dignitaries from AP Government will be chief guests. Now preparations are on progress.

This is just beginning of ST journey after 37 years of struggle. We are yet to see how this privilege will benefit our people, our locality.

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