New Releases on Yobin ST after its Notification

News Item # 1

The following is an editorial of Arunachal Times of April 01, 2015. There is an error in facts: “Historical records show that they were given ST status in the year 1979.” Actually, the ST status was available until 1979, not given in that year.

Two objections:

1. “Large number of Yobin resides on the other side of border at Myanmar. Government should ensure that no one misuse this noble initiative”. True that our people live across the borders, but we are not alone. Almost every tribe of Arunachal Pradesh has their relatives on the other side of the country.

2. “Also the decision to grant ST status to Yobin might open door for other groups to make similar demand.” It is the duty of the govt to look after communities with genuine. I would rather say we should encourage govt to address people of their genuine needs and meet the need for justice.

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