Objection of AAPSU on Yobin ST

It took me a while to read the concerns the AAPSU has raised over the Yobin ST issue since the heading was under “AAPSU demands immediate halt of prepaid metering system” (Arunachal Times, 18 February 2015). The concern was raised to the Chief Secretary, not the Chief Minister. See the complete below highlighted in red.

My reading into their objections: The first, is that the student body felt upset that the Cabinet has not consulted them. Second, the union has mixed up between the PRC and ST issue. Ours has never been a demand for PRC, but rightly on ST. Third, they question the scrutiny process. In our case, multiple studies were done by AAPSU themselves in March 2013, administration through ethnographic record and recommendations etc.

Also I have compiled the response from Mr. Phuyosa Yobin on this regard at the Arunachal Times’ Readers’ Forum (20 February 2015)

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