Careful Attention Needed for Vijoynagar Block

It is now almost two years since the creation of a separate Vijoynagar Block. There seems to be several gaps in the way it is being run. The people in Kerala calls such gaps “spelling mistakes”, meaning there is something wrong, something fishy, that deserves careful scrutiny. Lets have a look,

· Announcement of block: It was done in such a hurry in March 2013, just a month before the Panchayat election in April the same year. Due to that, even additional Anchal Samiti Member seats were not allotted. Till date the Notification for the Block is not given to our public leaders, including the ASMs.

· Infrastructures: No separate Block Development Officer (BDO) is not assigned. The Miao BDO operates for Vijoynagar Block as well, who is physically far from the actual sites. All financial transactions have to be at Miao since there are no banks in Vijoynagar. The Circle Officer (CO) is not stationed in Vijoynagar. The Miao CO takes in-charge who has not been even in Vijoynagar till today and has no good knowledge of the area.

· Intentionally MISPLACED names: The village names for both the Enumeration Block Nos: 0037_0 and 0038_0 has been wrongly mentioned as Deban Forest Camp (Deban). It should be corrected as AGUCHI & NGWAZAKHA for EB No: 0037_0 and NIBODI for EB No: 0038_0. These villages are NOT located at Deban; they are at 38th Mile and 52nd Mile respectively, along the Miao-Vijoynagar Road.

· Lisu villages included under Miao Block: Aguchi, Ngwazakha and Nibodi villages are demarcated under Miao Block. This is unfair and testing the limit of our Lisu temper. They must come within the purview of our claim of traditional land. All Panchayati leaders, YTWC, political workers, GBs must unite to fight this injustice.

· Block name: Our leaders had been demanding that the block should be Dawodi Block. But against our wishes, the government name it Vijoynagar Block. This is not acceptable and we must demand change for the name.

I believe these are just samples of the manipulations that I see. We need action heroes who will challenge unreasonable official authorities, and if necessary file court cases against them.

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