AAPSU & Yobin Community: The Relationship

I find this article very interesting to see the relationship that our students had with AAPSU over the years. In the 70s, our students participated in fund raising and other activities of students. In the 80s, AAPSU in one of their agendas had Yobin as refugee. But as the story unfolds, the apex student body both from former and current leadership supported in Yobin favour. I heard snippets of them on several occasions. But this is first time, I learned in highly organized format.

– Liahey


Source: The Eastern Sentinel (20 February 2015)

The same article was slightly edited and published in Arunachal Times (20 February 2015) under the title: Yobins deserve ST status

Yobins deserve ST status

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Yobin Tribe Fundamental Rights Forum (YTFRF) has expressed strong resentment over the refugee tag/label given on the Yobin community.

Claiming that authorized legal documents of Government of India states ‘Yobin’ as a native tribe of Tirap district since 1940s, the Forum urged All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) and people of the state to stand for the cause of the Yobins.

Referring to Presidential Order published in “Gazette of India, Extra Ordinary, Part II, Section 3, in October, 29, 1956, wherein it is claimed to be stated that “Yobin Tribe avails APST under “SC & ST lists (Modification),” the Forum dismissed any questions or doubts over Yobin’s tribal identity.

While recalling Yobin community’s long association with AAPSU and their contribution since the union’s early days, the Forum in its release informed that former Chief Minister and then AAPSU president Late Jarbom Gamlin had remarked that, “…people of the state should not equate the Yobins with refugees as the former (Yobin) are indigenous inhabitants of Vijaynagar area…”

The Forum also informed that former AAPSU president and MP Takam Sanjoy and present AAPSU president Kamta Lapung too claimed to have publicly acknowledged the tribal identity of the Yobins during their visit to Yobin village of Dawodi/Vijaynagar in mid-March 2013. The Forum also claimed that the Joint-High Power Committee members during their visit upheld Yobin’s cause in a public meeting held at IB compound, Vijaynagar.

It also informed that the Arunachal East MP had written to Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GOI in favour of granting ST status to Yobins.

“… kindly intervene in this long pending demand of Yobin Tribe which is also supported by the Cabinet & other public representatives of the State of Arunachal Pradesh is genuine and well deserving of positive response from Govt. of India….”

“… Records reveal that the Yobins are living in Vijaynagar circle since forties of the last century. They are purely Tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh living in Vijaynagar Circle of Miao Sub-Division in Changlang District. The demand for inclusion of Yobin or Lisu to Scheduled Tribe Status in Arunachal Pradesh is very much genuine and deserve for early reorganization by the Government”, the Forum quoted the Miao ADC. (Ref. “No M/ESTT/PF/TM/14 Dated Miao, the 20th November, 2014”).

In 2000, AAPSU president Nabam Jallow assured the Yobin community that any misunderstanding about the Yobin’s legal standing will be erased from AAPSU agenda, the forum informed in the release.

The Forum also claimed that fellow local tribes, including the Singpho and Tangsa communities too vouched for granting ST status to Yobins.

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