Surprising info from a local calendar

On the 28 August 2014 I went to visit a house church for a prayer meeting and saw a calendar. The pictures and the wordings disturbed me. So here I share that for all of us to think about.

Picture 1 for May-June 2014: Lisu is mentioned as a one of the seven tribes of Singpho. That is strange because that is NOT true. I have heard in Myanmar those seven tribes are called Kachin but not here.

Picture 2 for July-August 2014: Look at the baskets (right picture). They are Lisu handmade.

1 thought on “Surprising info from a local calendar

  1. This is plain falsehood to claim Lisu Material culture as Singpho’s or to say that Lisu is an Ethnic group of Singpho ! This category of usurping will destroys one’s credibility.

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