Miao Bazaar Bandh and Need for Many Bandhs at Miao and Vijoynagar

Bandh at Miao Bazaar

Yesterday while returning from my garden, my wife and I passed by the Miao market to buy some basic necessities. At the end of the area where vegetables are sold, there was a group of people talking loudly. Few motorcycles were also parked in the crowd. We thought there was accident or fight.

We enquired one of the onlookers what was happening. He told the Miao main market has not been receiving electricity. So they decided to protest that. Sure enough today when I went there, the shops were closed except one pharmacy.

I thought this is good initiative. We should protest more. The power department supplies an average of 6 to 8 hours a day. Sometimes, it goes without electricity for a couple of days. There has never been a day since we reached Miao without uninterrupted electricity supply. This is horrible because we cannot plan to do anything regular on electricity.

Other Departments to Receive Such Complaints

But power department is not the only government unit that deserves protest. The list should extend. Here are some I have noticed over the last six months:

· BSNL: The BSNL service is bad. Throughout the day, the signal fluctuates. Most of the time “Not reachable”. Try calling within Miao, the receiving/success rate is pretty low. Try applying for a SIM card. I applied one in Feb this year and got the SIM in May. The SIM was bad. After multiple complaints, the office took it back for repair on 29 July 2014. I wait to see when they will return my SIM.

· Roads need loud complaint: The Jagun – Miao has been with gutters since 2011. It is still the same. The construction is still in “progress”. Surprisingly the public all the way from Jagun to Miao is silent. Only occasional murmurs but never a loud slogan. Come within Miao township, you rarely find portions of road without potholes. I have a single question: Why is this condition? Bad leaders and silent public spectacles.

· SBI is always congested and without cash: Some experiences — Just to withdraw some cash, a person has to wait at least 1 to 2 hours (a brand new ATM machine is lying cashless neatly inside the SBI bank). The bank is very often without cash! Rarely can you withdraw money beyond 10,000. To open a saving account, frequent visits to the branch is necessary for a week. You never can open an account within one or two days. Miao town needs competitors from private firms.

More Hungama Needed in Vijoynagar Area

Vijoynagar Circle requires greater voices. The area is far from district administration, even Circle Officer do not reside on regular basis. Monitoring of projects is not present. A couple examples would be sufficient to make my point as these in some way public knowledge.

Min Hydro Project: About 10 years a mini-hydro project started near Hazolo village. Lakhs of rupees have been spent toward that project, hoping that will provide electricity solution for the Vijoynagar Headquarters. No progress has occurred recently. Instead I heard now that the project has to be abandoned because no sufficient water current is there to provide electricity. What a careless and stupid decisions the power department have done. But has anyone raise voice for this?

MV Road: No public voice has been made so far. The responsible department unilaterally decides when to construct, when to stop. I don’t know anytime where the local MLA or department heads ever consults the public or its representatives. Its almost passed two years since the laying of foundation stone for MV Road. No proper development is seen so far. Only small start up to 3 miles have began.

Drug Addict: Last week I chatted a school officer responsible for Vijoynagar Circle. He plainly told a group of Lisu people about a school teacher who was just deputed to Gandhigram School. He is a dug addict. What difference can such an addict make for students? I rather fear that will make horrible impact for the students.

We need a very different approach to have such corrupt and immoral practices heard in our society and in our circle. Otherwise there is less chances for our circle to be developed.

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