Lisu Society Leadership at Crossroads

It’s been a couple of years now that I have been sensing a serious leadership crisis in our community but I did not have firsthand experience yet. Since I returned to Miao, I have been observing about it. I learned that at the community level, we don’t have “willing” key leadership to represent our case/ambitions/crisis. I will share two incidents to mention what I mean.


First: I heard from reliable source that at the Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi, the Indian Singpho community festival, held on 12 – 14 February 2014, displayed several of our Lisu traditional handicrafts as their own. The chey (cross-bow with quiver), hajo (basket), and nokho (small carrying basket) were asserted as theirs own during the fashion show and in other display areas.

In a separate incident, a friend taught some persons from their tribe to teach them the basket making. While in the middle of the progress, they said this is our traditional handicraft. That friend felt bad and stopped teaching.

But my point is when I reported this to two top leadership persons, they were not willing to take responsibility to raise objections.

Second: The MV road construction has been going on and all of us were silent spectators. When tenders were given we did nothing. After the tenders were allocated, there were conflicts between the contractors and the local people, they made our people get involve in their fight.

In this process, there is high probability that this road will not complete well but we are not ready to raise our voice. I encouraged several of our leaders to make public rallies, write to authorities, block constructions to request that this road project be given to the BRO and like companies. But nothing happen!


I look forward for a change of this crisis situation or the rise of new leadership, a leadership that is less interested in politics and more on the development of our community to its highest potential.

For the current leadership, I will not expect much. I will be just happy to share ideas and knowledge. I will not expect “action” from their side nor responsibilities because they have become masters of running away from responsibilities.

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