Letter to AP Times on MV Road

This letter was sent to the Editor of Arunachal Times on 9 Feb 2014 but it was not published (Liahey).


Dear Editor,

Its been almost a year since the foundation stone for Miao – Vijoynagar Road (MV Road) was laid at Miao by the Union Rural Minister, Jairam Ramesh, but nothing have happen on the ground – no construction, although the fund had been allocated under PMGSY scheme. So the 5,000 people of Vijoynagar Circle still walk on foot every day without much hope for future.

As I arrived at Miao I inquired people around as to why the construction has not begun. I learned the basic people – competition between contractors. One contractor is not allowing the other to initiate the work. Our people had been too quite, silent. The politicians and those in power have not looked at the plight of the people without road, rather have aimed for making a profit out of this road.

I appealed our local MLA, Kamlung Mossang, and the Chief Minister to kindly intervene on this deadlock. Let not the work be given to any contractor. Rather give to BRO or GREF to construct because clearly we know contractors will not deliver but the companies will because they have equipment and reputation to complete.


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