Constructors of the MV Road

At least three departments have worked on the Miao – Vijoynagar Road (MV Road): The CPWD, PWD and RWD.

The CPWD (Central Public Works Department) made their entry in the 1970s and completed a kacha version in 1976. Hundreds of our people were also employed as manual workers; hundreds of others from other parts of Arunachal, Assam and Bihar came and worked. Stones were not laid, bridges were only wood materials. The road after a year went out of use. Only the then Governor General KAA Raja came to Vijoynagar on jeeps along with his fleet of eight. Since then no other vehicles ever rode on it again. No further maintenance were done.

Later when Arunachal Pradesh gained statehood, the Public Works Department (PWD) took up the responsibility. No major repairs were done; never comprehensive repairs. Perhaps their biggest contribution on the MV Road was the iron bridge over the Burman nala and on the 27th Mile. Other than that I don’t know of their concrete and last work they have done. They did some road clearing, minor repairs.

In between in 2011 a Tinsukia-based contractor worked and the December of 2011 and Jan 2012, several vehicles passed through our road. But as in the 1970 case, no concrete flooring was done. Hence, it is out of use again after that till now.

Now in 2014, the Rural Works Department (RWD) has taken up the road. Tenders are now allotted to five different contractors, each allotted to a phase. Each phase is to be completed first, starting from Miao, then the next phase.

An Itanagar contractor, people called him Nyishi got for the Miao to 6th Mile phase. He just started doing the work last week. But today I heard he was chased away by the local people. I don’t know the reason. But the local people, after doing that,have sought the Yobin’s opinion about their action. It is very strange that only after the incident they are trying to involve us. Where were they went the plans for tender/contracts were discussed?

My impression is that this Phase 1 incident is just a preview of the things to come.

What do we do? Are we supposed to be silent spectators when it meant life line to us?

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