MV Road as of March 2014

There has a long silence on MV Road since the foundation stone was laid at Miao in August 2013. No updates from official sources – the Public Works Department – as to how the project is in progress.

I arrived at Miao in January this year. On the ground, nothing has begun. But I heard the planning for its construction and contest for tender (contract) is going on.

The road is planned to construct in five phases:

· Phase 1: Miao to M’pen (6th Mile)

· Phase 2: M’pen to Deban (17th Mile)

· Phase 3: Deban to Burma Nala (40th Mile)

· Phase 4: Burma Nala to 80th Mile

· Phase 5: 80th Mile to Vijoynagar

Each of these phases is given as contract to different contractors. But none of the Lisu people have got any part in it. Neither is there any say from the Lisu or the Settler community in this construction. The decision has been unilaterally taken by the PWD and public leaders outside of Vijoynagar. The actual people who will be directly affected by the road are left out of the picture.

Last week when I visited M’pen, the initial gather of stones for the construction started. I saw some JCB machines at work and few workers clearing the road. For Phase 3, I heard there are controversies for because the other contestant for the tender learned that it was given to a non-Arunachal person. No news yet whether that is clear now.

I am very skeptical about the whole practice of giving to private contractors. The people who have obtained this contract are the same people who have control over other projects in Miao and around. They are not known bringing good result.

I wish this is given to companies like the BRO, GREF that have the reputation and expertise to complete this kind of project.

Some of our people were quite excited when they were told of the process involved for PMGSY project that there are third party must approve whether the road is upto the standard. May I point out several of the PMGSY road between Miao and Kharsang? They are hardly motorable.

Now the tender/contracts have been assigned. There is hardly anything we can do; we had been too silent. But I think our people must be prepared to raise “proper” voice if construction is not done well.

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