Numbering of children

Some years ago I came across the technical name for numbering sons and daughters just like we have. But now I forgot. Not able to find out.

I compiled the sequence of children’s number.

2013 Nov 2 - Children nos

Few notes:

  • For boys it could go up to eleven in a family. As we know, it is very normal even now to have families up to number 8. Children beyond that are rare, usually in families where there are exclusively boys.
  • The last three for boys have their names from traditional weapons: #9 (a container of arrows), #10 (arrow), and # 11 (quiver). The other 8 do not have meanings, just denote the sequence of birth.
  • The girls number to 10. The sequence of the first four are undisputed. But between numbers 6, 7 and 8, due to some tradition, each family prefer to choose their own sequence. For example, some prefer to have 6, 7, 8. Others will have 7, 8, 6. Some others 8, 6, 7. Only rare families reach to 9 and 10.

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