Developments on ST Till October 2013

Key highlights:

  • At Itanagar: Last two months have been hectic follow at the State and Center level. Five of our representations from the All Yobin Student Union (AYSU) spent 3 weeks in Itanagar. They did much follow. They have met Ministers, Chief Minister, Department of Social Welfare, the Chief Secretary, Student Unions and leading NGOs of the state. In the process, key documents were collected which further strengthened our demand for the Scheduled Tribe status.
  • At New Delhi: Many leaders gave support. MP, Ninong Ering, did several follow up with the Minister for Tribal Affairs, the Prime Minister and other top leaders of the country. Unfortunately our case did not move for one simple reason: State’s recommendation have not arrived. They are waiting for that. And our hope for getting our case on Monsoon Session punctured.
  • ST Demand Committee: Meeting held on 28 Sep. at Miao Church premises and a decision to form a committee was made. Eight members constituted with representations from Yobin Tribe Welfare Committee (YTWC), AYSU, Panchayat and church. Initial meetings and discussions have just begun.
  • Philip’s visit: Philip on his personal business could visit the Department of Social Justice, Empowerment and Tribal Affairs (SJETA). Our matter is still lying within this department. They are yet to move our file to the Union Ministry for Tribal Affairs. Much work and follow up is needed to make sure our case does not stay with a particular officer too long. (See chart: By Philip & Nio).

2013 Sep 5 - ST chart

Potential action areas:

  • Consistent follow up with the SJETA and GoAP.
  • Continuing use of media to cry our needs and sufferings.
  • Rallies and delegation of the committee in the state and country.

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