Tribal groups in Changlang, Tirap and Dibang Valley Districts

Tribal groups in Changlang and Dibang Valley Districts

The map above is from Chowdhury (1996), outlining tribal groups in Changlang, Tirap and Dibang Valley Districts. There are so many tribes in these districts with their separate geographical regions, each occupying specific areas. Other than these tribes, we know, there are a lot more other groups like Chakma, Tibetan, Nepali and so on.

Our people have primary contacts with the Singpho and Tangsa tribes. We meet them almost daily and even have many marriage relationships with them. They are our immediate neighboring tribes.

Presence of multi-ethnic groups also cautions us to be wise in our dealings. Being respectful of them would enable us in living harmony with one another. It also means there are many things we need to learn from each other, especially from nearest tribes.

Unlike a decade or two ago, when our people lived in almost isolation with others, now we mix more and live close.

[Map: Chowdhury, J.N. 1996. Arunachal panorama. Itanagar: Director of Research, Arunachal Pradesh.]

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