Position of ST Demand

The picture is now becoming clearer about our ST demand. Thanks to the AYSU leadership and supporters who made that possible. The most visible among all is: no one is objecting us as people did in the past because of ignorance. But what are the problems?

  • At State Level: The GoAP is not worried for us. Therefore our case is making rounds between State Cabinet, Secretary (Political) and Secretary (Social Welfare). Thereby, the Chief Secretary does not get to forward our case to the GOI recently. Our local MLA, who has now so much power, has been silent for our ST.
  • At Central Level: The GOI does not know the status of our case because the GoAP does not follow up. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has been asking for the recommendation from the GoAP, not know it was done in 2000. And even our name was included in the Lok Sabha debate in 2002. Neither the present minister knew an ethnographic report has been submitted in 2006. Our MP does not push our case either. He just tells all kinds of excuses and does not put up our case as a leader.
  • Our people: The problem with our people is we believe people too much. We make a request and wait for a response, even if meant years. It seems “follow up” is not part of our regular vocabulary or perhaps we don’t know how to move with follow up.

So what we need:

  • Someone who can bridge us between the GoAP and GOI effectively. People who have an ability, the heart and passion to bring justice for us.
  • Constant follow up with both at the center and state. If needed, a strong steering committee must be constituted from our tribe, who will have complete authority and facility to make it happen.
  • We must believe ourselves and openly challenge every injustice that comes our way. It can be in the form of rally, representations, news release or whatever means is effective.

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