Source: (accessed: 17 August 2013).

Vijoynagar, comprises of sixteen villages having a population of about 4500 people near Indo-Myanmar border which is located in Changlang District and is Air maintained due to non existence of road networks. Fifty five percent of the population belong to retired Assam Rifle personnel and 45 percent is of Civilians comprising of mainly Lisu (Yobin) tribe.

Gandhigram village
Gandhigram Village, Vijoynagar, the last Village of India.

The settlement of the Assam Rifle personnel began from 1960 onwards. Prior to 1960, this place was little known to outside World. The villages have a number of Primary Schools. There is Arunachal Pradesh Government run Secondary School up to Ten standard. There are no roads in the area. There was a motorable road existing in the area from Miao up to Deban Camping ground, but due to deterioration, it is no longer used. The telecommunication facilities are not available, and only Radio Net communications are available in the Assam Rifles Camp. Detachment of Government Agencies like SIB and Arunachal Pradesh Police exist in the area. Assam Rifles camp have medical facilities, but no Doctors are available. The villagers are not covered under water supply scheme and draw raw water for their consumption. Power Department has installed Generator set for Power supply, but due to non availability of Funds for procuring Diesel, the Generator is not functional.

The villagers depend on Wet land and Jhoom Cultivation for their livelihood, and are dependent on rainfall. The Day to day requirement of Groceries is met by a few Shops; and which bring the Stores from Dibrugarh by Air or from Miao on foot. It takes six days to travel on foot from Vijoynagar to Miao. Civil and Military Helicopters (AN 32) fly from Dibrugarh to Vijoynagar Aircraft Landing Ground. These flights are irregular and have limited haulage capacity, in that they can take up to one ton load with eighteen persons on board. There are two such Sorties for Civilians and three numbers for Assam Rifle personnel.

Lisu Woman
A Lisu Woman with a child, Vijoynagar.

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  1. now no one could denied the fact that the vijoynagar circle is owned by lisu/yobin traditional land but on my shocked of this post that why our population countered less than the settlers? this is truely felt that the task is an unfair with us.

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