Aspirations Not Protected

This letter critics the policy of the Central Government for flooding outsiders in Changlang, Tirap and Longding Districts, thereby disturbing the local population. Interesting review that the author even recognizes the injustice the Yobins are facing as a result of this policy. I’ll say the policy of the State Government too contributes to this problem, especially when it comes to the Yobin. The State has lots of power to address our issues – like taking up ST demand, speeding MV Road constructions, providing student needs — but are they interested? Read on – Liahey.


Source: By K. Mossang (Arunachal Front).

Sir, The former Arunachal Pradesh governor, JJ Singh, had clearly stated in some local dailies that peace in the eastern districts of the state is dependent on the Indo–Naga peace talks. It is unfortunate that the people have to continually suffer from the current turmoil in the eastern districts of the state – Tirap, Changlang and Longding – until peace agreement is reached between the two parties. However, there seems no apparent gain for the local people even if the final solution is found. People are carrying another man’s burden in vain. Changlang in particular has been the most affected by the biased action of the Centre and the state. The central government has committed gross negligence with blatant disregard for the interest of the natives by flooding the district with Bangladeshi and Tibetan refugees apart from settling Nepalese ex-servicemen in Vijaynagar area instead of recognizing the local Lisu people as a scheduled tribe under the constitution. All these indicate mistrust on part of the central government of the people living in the area given its nearness to the international border with China and Myanmar. Now, more than 50 percent of the population of Changlang constitutes migrant refugees – Bangladeshi Chakmas, Hajongs, Tibetans and Nepalese. The Centre has totally failed to protect the aspirations of locals guaranteed by the Constitution. People have always shown their solidarity with the people of the district on the issue but the state government has not been sincere enough. The people have been left alone in this fight. At this hour of need the people of the districts require support from the fellow citizens of state. How can the government expect people to confront the anti-social elements when the state has all machinery at their disposal? The role of social media that could have immensely contributed in creating an environment of self awareness amongst the mass has been limited by poor telecommunication, road connectivity and lack of electricity. The district headquarters is still at the mercy of the lone BSNL network which mostly remains out of order. Yours etc, K Mossang, Itanagar

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