BADP Fund Allocation in 2011-12

The Department of Planning (GoAP) (accessed: 14 August 2013) released several projects under the Border Area Development Programme (BADP) for 16 border blocks of Tawang, West Kameng, Changlang and Tirap District (Minutes of Department of Planning, Page 2).

For Changlang District, the Deputy Commissioner has direct control and power to allocate this anyone or agency to take up these projects.

Under the Khagam Block, which Vijoynagar Circle was part of, total fund released was 22,639,102 (2.2 Crore). Out of that amount 4,400,000 (4.4 lakhs) or 19.4% was allocated for Vijoynagar Circle. The following were the projects provided for Vijoynagar Circle.



C/o inter village link road at Gandhigram, Nibodi, Two-Hut & Mazgoan


Maintenance of village link road from Gandhigram to Daragoan


C/o foot suspension bridge over Noa-Dihing river at 38 Mile, 77 Mile & 88.5 Miles


C/o 2(two) Nos Teachers quarter at Govt. Secondary school, Vijoynagar


C/o 2(two) Nos Teachers quarter at Govt. Middle school, Gandhigram



I wish I could locate the details about the implementing agency and their completion status.

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