Yobin Sidelined Time And Again

Published: Yobin Sidelined Time And Again: An Open-Letter to Honorable Prime Minister of India by Avia Ngwazah (10 August 2013).

Dear Sir, we the YOBIN COMMUNITY is utterly amazed over these things:

We have always believed that we are a Tribe and we live in a land called Arunachal Pradesh. However we are still denied of Arunachal Tribal identity till today!

The YOBIN TRIBE of Vijoynagar was discovered on 7th May 1961 when the tricolour was unfurled for the first time in “Sidi”/ Gandhigram, and the land of the Yobin around Vijoynagar became ‘technically’ Indian when boundary pillars were erected between 1972-1974! But the ‘local’ people, the Yobin Tribe has not been entered in the “Sixth Schedule” after all these 57 long years! 57 Years because NEFA was declared an ST state in the year 1956! However, the Yobins who lived in Margherita, Ledo, Wagon, Kharangkhong, Kharsang area had been registered since as early as 1917 and 1981!

The “YOBIN” is always gazetted by the Gazetteer of India as an “Individual Scheduled Tribe” of Arunachal. We are always Censused and returned as a Scheduled Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. But when we apply for ST certificate, as needed, we are denied till this very day!

The Presidential Order of 1956, and in “THE SCHEDULED CASTES AND SCHEDULED TRIBES ORDERS (AMENDMENT) ACT 1956”, declares that “All Tribes in North-East Frontier Agency….”… Scheduled Tribes! BUT the YOBIN TRIBE of NEFA/ARUNACHAL is still denied of ST Certificates and facilities.

While, ALL THE OTHER native tribes of Arunachal are enjoying ST facilities on their own Tribe’s name OR under “any Naga” OR as a sub-tribe, ONLY the YOBIN TRIBE is left without any ST facilities. Denied of ST certificates when applied for.

In the year 1975 general election, the YOBIN COMMUNITY voted for our Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Then what happened, our electoral rolls were deleted and we remained just like “refugees” in our own land from 1979 to 1994!

Till the early 1970s, our students enjoyed educational facilities just like our fellow tribes, but then from the late 70s till date, ALL the ST facilities are withheld from the YOBIN COMMUNITY.

Now, we are even more amazed that the “YOBIN” does not find a place along with other tribes to be amended at the on-going Lok Sabha Session. Are the YOBIN going to be bypassed again?

The voices for the support of the YOBIN’s cause has been growing. Our immediate fellow tribes support us. All the leading bodies of the State openly champion our cause. The media has done a lot for us. Now the support for the YOBIN pours in from Meghalaya, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and so on.

We are watching how our “People First” government serves its needy citizens at least now! Can we see some good-hearted souls in today’s government? Please Do something for the YOBINs now! This is our plea to you.

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