Comments on Ering’s Visit to Vijoynagar and More

Perhaps Ninong Ering is one of the very few Members of Parliament who ever visited Vijoynagar. See news: Ering visits Vijoynagar, assures to take up Yobin ST issue (AP Times, 6 March 2011).

He came to Vijoynagar on 3 March 2011. “Responding to the public demand for Schedule Tribe status to Yobin, Ering assured that the matter would be forwarded to the Parliament”. Did he do that? No, nothing till July 2013, this is exactly two years and four months after he made a public promise.

In response to the news of his visit, I wrote at the AP Times Readers’ Forum (9 March 2011), “… First of all I am very glad that MP of our constituency made effort to visit us. Along with that he has announced development programs as well. But what frustrates me is his response that he’ll take the matter to the Parliament. This kind of promise is nothing new to us. Instead he should have done something prior to his visit…”

What’s funny is that till July 2013, he was not even prepared to present our case in the Lok Sabha. When our delegates asked him, he blamed the State Government for not forwarding our case. If he knew that he could have followed up much ahead of time. Two years is lots of time.

While the State Government proclaimed our case is only at the hands of the Central Government and does not need another forward. If that were true, why would they forward afresh the five tribes under “Any Naga Tribes” (TOI report, 3 June 2013)?

Another flip: The Secretary (Political) and Director (Social Justice) clearly mentioned our case has been circulating between them (the administration) and the State Government. Our matter does not reach the Central Government, which is confirmed by the Minister of Tribal Affairs, Mr Kishore Deo.

That made our scenario ridiculous and the authorities playing childish games. To test it for yourself, ask this question to the Chief Minister, our MLA/Minister, or our MP: What is the status of our Scheduled Tribe demand? As their classic answers, you will hear amazing conflicting answers. At the end you will come away wondering “what were they doing?”

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