The Forbidden Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh

Source: copied from Facebook post and published at the Independent Review by Yamini Techi (3 September 2012).

Today India is enjoying the freedom from the bondage of Britishers as a whole. We the people of Arunachal are also enjoying this freedom with whole of Indians, hardly few people knew about our brothers and sisters from same state had been deprived of this freedom status of Arunachal. In today’s intellectuals world there is none to heed their lamentation and from time to time these tribes are beckoning us through their tears of blood. Yes, am saying about Lisu or Yobin tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Not even the State minister councils are advocating for these tribe’s. Are they not our brothers? Are they not our sisters? Are they not our father and mother? Above all are they not Arunachalees?

Lisu or Yobin tribe has been living from way back since 1930-40’s in Vijoynagar and Gandhigram villages of Arunachal Pradesh. They were discovered by the then major general of Army in 1961 and also two Lisu men were mentioned in the “Forgotten Frontier” by Geoffrey Tyson in 1945, as a local guide to the Britishers. And also these Lisu/Yobin men were the main guide for the boundary line in between Myanmar and India, they helped the Britishers for creating the boundary lines of India. Today they are being treated as alien in their own land. If the Burmese migrants of Singpho tribes of changlang District were given APST status, than why not these Lisu/Yobin tribe, why they are deprived of this status? Most interestingly they were recognized as APST in 1979 but withdrawn these privileged within no time in 1980’s, for some unknown reason which is traceless till today, why their status has been taken back. Why these fellow tribes had been neglected showing them the steply son of India and Arunachal Pradesh as a particular?

I would like to appeal on behalf of Lisu people to our students’ body, especially AAPSU to intervene in this matter, visit their place and investigate the truth about them and hear their grievances which they want to share with you. Don’t let your fellow brothers and sisters cry in agony. I truly believe our AAPSU leaders shall do justice to them by giving back their APST status to these forgotten tribes as you all are well educated leaders it will be easy to search out why these Lisu/Yobin tribes are still in darkness. As India is a democratic and secular country we should not neglect these tribes, they are also very much eligible to enjoy their rights according to Indian constitution of ‘right to equality (Art.14), it is clearly mentioned that the state shall not deny to any person equality before law. As per this provision all persons are equal before the eye of
Law and law provide equal treatment to everybody. According to Sir Iver Jennings, among equal the laws should be equal and should be equally administered, that like be treated alike. I appeal student’s leaders to open up your mind and soul for this social cause and kindly intervene in this matter.

I would also like to appeal our honorable Chief Minister and his council of ministers to look into the matter and the grievances of these Lisu/Yobin tribes. If they have the voting rights than why not they eligible for APST status? Let us know why their APST status had been taken away? I would like to give thank you, Sir Setong Sena, Dr. Nani Bath and Sarit choudhory for advocating in favour of these Lisu/Yobin tribes.

As I have gone through the articles that were published in different papers from time to time regarding our Lisu brothers and sisters, heart & soul cries out for them. Let us not enjoy alone because we all will be gone by one day from this world. It is our duty to let them also enjoy the privileges which we are enjoying till date.

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