7 Points Public Demand to Kamlung Mossang in 2004

In 2004 the three Congress representatives from the Yobin/Lisu community submitted a memorandum (Dated: 20 April 2004) to Kamlung Mossang, who was contesting for the MLA seat. Following were the points, as it appeared:

  1. Immediate recognition of ST status to Yobins/Lisus.
  2. Construction of MV Road.
  3. Settlement in regard rehabilitation problems.
  4. Demand for more ASM seats.
  5. Job reservations.
  6. Demand for a separate Anchal Block.
  7. Demand for hostel facility and textbook grants.

Initial attempts have begun for #2. Funds under PMYGS have been granted but we are yet to witness the day when actual construction of MV Road will begin.

#6 was achieved in April 2013 but it was processed in a very strange way. The announcement for a Vijoynagar Anchal Block was made just two months ahead of the Panchayat election. That also created an excuse “no time to allot additional ASM seats”. We still have only two ASM seats from 2004 until now.

Looking at the demand once again, the Number 1 priority (Restoration of ST status) is still not fulfilled even after ten years in power. Can we trust him for another term? That is a big question in the minds of all our people.

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