Recommendation Letters for ST: By the Tangsa Community

Source Details

Recommending authority:

Whole community and represented by seven leaders from Tangsa tribe (three Ministers, one MLA, one ex-ministers and others)

Date: 28 January 2000

Addressed to: Unknown, but referenced to a notification vide no. CA-10/2000.

Content for Recommending for ST: A synopsis

“We have conducted a meeting on 27th and 28th January 2000 and unanimously passed the resolution that YOBIN is one of the Scheduled Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and is to be recognized as YOBIN and should be enlisted in the Scheduled Tribe list of Arunachal Pradesh.”

“The undersigned members are the witnesses from the TANGSA TRIBE who were present in the meeting and support us for the recommendation to recognize Yobin as the Scheduled Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.”

My Comment

They did not state any reasons but conveyed only the decision. But it is amazing to know the Tangsa brothers spent two days to deliberate on our matter. No doubt they are discussed lots and weighed our case. We are grateful to all of them for supporting us.

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