Recommendation Letters for ST: By the Singpho Community

Source Details

Recommending authority:

Ten public leaders on behalf of Singpho Community.

Reference: “Regarding grant of Scheduled Tribe Status to Yobin/Lisu Tribe of Vijoynagar, Changlang District”, Dated: 22 November 2000

Addressed to: President of AAPSU (Itanagar).


Content for Recommending for ST:  Five Reasons

  • The Yobins are the aboriginal tribe of Dawodi (Vijoynagar).
  • Yobins inhabited Dawodi much prior to the Independence of India.
  • They were part and parcel of the then NEFA and were Indian Citizens and Scheduled Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, enlisted under Serial No. 107 of the ST of AP.
  • Due to political reason their citizenship was removed but restored after thorough investigation by the Government of India that they were the aboriginal tribe of Vijoynagar.
  • Yobin issue should not be mixed with Chakma/Hajong/Tibetan issue.

My Comment

In addition the Singpho have requested the AAPSU not to raise any objection for grant of ST status to Yobin Tribe. They have understood our situation and genuine need needs. And they have risked their reputation on our behalf. Because looking at the history, AAPSU in its meeting (Pasighat, 26 August 1985) resolved to put us on their blacklist along with Chakma and Hajong. We are grateful to all the Singpho brothers and sisters for standing by us.

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