Recommendation Letters for ST: By Kamlung Mossang

Source Details:

Recommending authority:
Mr. Kamlung Mossag
MLA, 50 (ST) Miao Legislative Assembly
Chairman, MDTC
Government of Arunachal Pradesh

Reference: UO. NO MDTC/13/07 Dat 10/12/07

Addressed to: The Hon’ble Chief Minister/All Hon’ble Ministers

Content of the Recommendation: 3 Reasons

  • Till 1979 Yobin were enjoying the status and facilities at par with the other Scheduled Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. But due to “political reasons” the Yobin was removed from Electoral Roll during the preparation of electoral roll prior to 1980 Assembly Election. Govt of AP restored Yobin as citizenship of India in 1994 but no mention was made about the ST status.
  • The Presidential Order of 1956 said that in NEFA all the tribes of the Agency are to be treated as ST.
  • In 2000, Govt of AP approved list of ST and forwarded to the Govt. of India. Yobin was placed at Sl. No. 20. In response the Ministry of Tribal Affairs asked for ethnographic information, which was again forwarded on 20 November 2006.

My Comment:

As a lawyer, Sir Mossang caught the key convincing points. Grateful that he did this even in his first term as our elected representatives. I heard there are many more recommendations he has done as a Cabinet Minister recently.

2 thoughts on “Recommendation Letters for ST: By Kamlung Mossang

  1. Indeed what hon’ble K. Mossang had done is appreciable for many things, including ST. However, his involvement in every social affairs of ours when ignorant so-called leaders bring issues to him is not appreciable at all. It breeds divisions and misunderstandings among our leaders. In my last visit to hometown I even heard our “novice-leaders” have asked him (K. Mossang) ‘what gifts to prepare for VIPs coming Vijoynagar?’ to which his reply was ‘prepare baskets and other traditional items and i will pay the price for all.’ What a nice politics!

    • Yes I disagree with his style of working. He is interested to promote his Indian National Congress party. In the process he ignores our society leadership.

      In a way its easy to manipulate those young and inexperienced leaders.

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