Influencers on Yobin Society: Kamlung Mossang

His Political Career

This lawyer turned politician from Neotan village may have as his motto “never give up”. For in the initial years of his political career, he unsuccessfully challenged the reigning champion, Samchom Ngemu for two continuous times in 1995 and 1999.

Breakthrough came in 2004 when he obtained the Indian National Congress (INC) ticket. To his advantage, KK Muklom contested and not Ngemu. That’s when he came to power for the first time by winning over 7%.

Even the last election in 2009 Ngemu contested but lost. So as long as he gets the INC party ticket, there won’t be anyone who will be able to stand on his way even in the next General Election 2014.

In his current Cabinet Minister’s role, he is the Minister for Food & Civil Supply, Geology & Mining, Art & Culture.

His Contribution for Lisu

Though there is no spectacular contribution for our society as Indian Citizenship or ST, he has done several. I recollect some here:

He has financially supported several patients and students. Personally, I have known people who were got medical treatments from his help. And as a student I stayed in his house at Miao in the 1990s where I had food, stayed and did my schooling.

Plot of land: under his leadership, a land at LC Line was provided and now we see many of our families staying.

We see several developments during his time: Construction of MV Road is beginning, ZPM seat was recently allotted.

I wish

Now Mossang holds very high position in Arunachal Government. There is much he can help for our welfare. I wish:

· Its been 10 years, he is in power. But its difficult to say any specific contributions are done for our demand to restore our ST. I wish he would give priority on that need above other needs.

· During his days, he established the Congress party in our society very well. That also mean our society leadership, YTWC, is sidelined. I wish there would be a balance of the political agenda and the need to respect our community leaders.


50 (ST) Miao Assembly Constituency (Election Commission of India, 1990 – 2004).

List of contesting Candidates in Assembly Election 2009 from Changlang District (

Cabinet Minister Profile (

4 thoughts on “Influencers on Yobin Society: Kamlung Mossang

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. yes sir, Years over years we much discuss and wish the our s.t to be restored. so, in the same purpose we give our strength and eforts to select a political leaders but in the return of politician contributing we exprienced YTWC became poor, people brought division. Now people are having a time to talk of unity but people fear of lossing their job, contract to be an individaul livelihood, they are come of onother intrest and so on. the sitaution is worse for lisu. Now we are looking for practical solution. we do pray for all to be the best.

    • Yes Aphu. I keep thinking many factors are discouraging. But whatever the reasons that holding our ST back cannot that forever. Ignoring will be a time, not always. You can fool a person once, but not always.

  2. moreover my wonder is that we yobin, lisu have settled since 1943 then we inherited the land rights, s.t and many facilities and so on the rest of the story that we have now. while on the other angle of story Nepali who were called settlers after few decades to other side of our land. Now if polical policies favor of true then that land must be called settler’s camp but instead they more equaller than us. they treated as same as to ours rights such as voting, seat in panchayati raj, agricultural facilities where, is no defferent. furthermore our traditional land joked in the news that relocation of lisu from namdapha. my question is why influencer of lisu society(kamlung musang) has no respossiblity for this… why is he not concern to our problem? if he is ok today then there should not remain this question….!!!!!

    • When our community was responding the relocation effort he was “busy” in Delhi. But as a politician he did his best to recommend us.

      I believe the key area to hammer is bureaucracy, not political or others. We do not receive any objection from political/student orgs nor neighboring tribes. In fact they support us.

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