Influencers on Lisu Society: Samchom Ngemu

Political Career

If you look at the list of AAPSU leaders in the 1970s, you will find his name. He had been a leader since his student days.

He came to the political picture in 1978 when he challenged the reigning, Jungpum Jugli (PPA Party) as an Independent candidate. Though he lost that battle, but to rise again in 1980 when he defeat the PPA candidate, Mr Nongtu Lungphi. By then he joined Indian National Congress (INC) and continued till 2004 when he was denied its party ticket.

The following election in 1984, he lost to a woman contestant, Mrs Kamoli Mossang, by a margin of four percentage. Till this election, the constituency came under “25 Noadihing Nampong Assembly Constituency”.

After this election, it seems there was bifurcation of the constituency. He contested for the current constituency “5 – (ST) Miao Assembly Constituency” and for the next three consecutive terms (in 1990, 1995 and 1999) he captured that position, defeating the two opponents, KK Muklom and the rising Kamlung Mossang.

Interestingly in 2004 when he was denied the INC party ticket, he did not contest, rather backed KK Muklom who lost. He challenged Kamlung Mossang the latest in 2009 when he lost perhaps once for all.

During his reign, he took up several roles as Cabinet Minister. The last portfolio he held was PHED Minister.

His Contribution for Lisu

In the annals our history, his name would remain in bold letters as one who helped us restore our Indian Citizenship in 1994. He spent much energy for us. A High Power Committee was constituted on our behalf. He mediated with the then Chief Minister to help us. This particular contribution changed our history forever. We can never thank him enough.

The Panchayati Raj system was restored. We had our first ASMs in 2004 with Yomadwe and Ngwalosay.

During his tenure, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh sent a list of 20 Scheduled Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh to the Government of India in 2000. The same was included in the Lok Sabha debates in Dec 2002.

Vijoynagar Circle was proposed as a border block as early as 1994.

I am also very impressed with him for working through our society leadership, YTWC. From prior to our citizenship and until the last election, he consistently respected our community body. In that process, he updated any development he has undertaken accordingly.

I wish

When the Indian Citizenship was declared, the matter on our Scheduled Tribe status was silent. Some of us went to the Deputy Commissioner to apply for ST certificate. The officer had to clarify his higher authority about that. Only then we realized that privilege was withheld from us.

I wish our ST was declared along with the Indian Citizenship, because our Indian Citizenship and ST were not withdrawn in stages. It should then be restored together at once.


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