Influencers on Yobin Society: Sentinel Arunachal and S&GGF

Last Edited: 13 Nov 2014

What they did

Not many of us at the village level will ever understand the strategic importance of this event/effort. But a few do and we are grateful for these generous organizations. They invested money, time and even their reputation for us.

Perhaps, in this decade no one made impact for our community as much as Sentinel Arunachal [now Eastern Sentinel] and Sokjar & Gamde Gamlin Foundation (S&GGF). See their good works:

  • Ten well researched and articulated articles were published by  Sentinel Arunachal between July and August 2010. The topics covered were: removal of Indian citizenship, forced occupation of our homeland by ex-servicemen, problems of road, refugee label.
  • This was followed by a symposium on Sep 1, 2010. Several Cabinet Ministers, AAPSU leaders, Human Rights and Intellectuals attended this meeting. The general consensus in this symposium was in favour to grant ST to the Yobin.
  • After the symposium Jarpum Gamlin further wrote two articles: Khandu government should not perpetrate political victimization of Yobins (19 October 2010) and Union Home Ministry needs to intervene for Yobins (20 October 2010). 

At the core of this mobilization, we must appreciate and thank to the man behind that, Mr Jarpum Gamlin who owns the Eastern Sentinel. No one has written so much about the plight of the Yobins in the mass media recently or perhaps for all these years. In addition to writing, he has spent lots of money during the symposium. And he personally continues to take interest for our welfare by visiting at Miao and giving strategic advices. At the moment we are not able to return for what he has done but we say “thank you”.

After Effects

It is my impression that through these efforts our case has become much clearer to most people in Arunachal Pradesh. The people/organizations that had reservations for accepting us an aboriginal tribe, no more questioned us. The facts of our legitimate demand have been proclaimed to the world.

Other groups such as the Arunachal Christian Forum and a Youth Organization came forward to support our needs formally.

I see the visit to Itanagar under AYSU leadership to follow on the ST was because of the impetus of the symposium and the writings.

(For reasons unknown to me, I could not find the links of the 10 articles in the web. So whatever I have copied, I posted them at YobinDreams.)

2 thoughts on “Influencers on Yobin Society: Sentinel Arunachal and S&GGF

  1. Dear Yobins,
    There are huge inadvertent errors in your blog.

    1. I wrote all the article. these were all published in my name or as reports from “Sentinel Arunachal”, which was owned and managed by me with “The Sentinel”.
    Therefore, delete the mentioned of Assam Sentinel. Just say “Sentinel Arunachal owned by Jarpum Gamlin”. or say article written by Jarpum Gamlin who owns “Eastern Sentinel” now ( .

    2. Therefore, to say or even include Shankar’s name is highly objectionable since he had nothing to do with Yobin or Symposium. I from my personal pocket paid each penny spent for the symposium. Please delete.

    3. I had done all those write-ups/ activities out of good-will for the Yobin people however I don’t want my name to be belittled in the manner in which it has been projected in this blog.

    4. Perhaps you’d note that in recent time and in mass media, none have written so much on Yobin as much as I did.


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