Namdapha Management Plan: Proposal for Buffer Zone



This notification dated on 20 August 2009 by Field Director of NNP, stated a series of meetings that took place. Several villages in Miao and Nampong areas unanimously agreed for the NNP boundary. We did not agree. How can we agree? See the facts:

  • We lived in the park prior to its declaration. No other tribes around lived that way.
  • Our shortage of land is too acute. The authorities took the land upto to 80th Mile, which physical 7 miles along the road from Shidi. The terrain is fully hills; no way we’ll have cultivation. Those in Miao and Nampong have at least plain lands and have sufficient.

Buffer Zone Notification Memo

SOURCE: Management Plan: Namdapha National Park (A research project undertaken by Ministry of Environment and Forests Government of India and Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Centre-WWF India). URL: (accessed: 3 July 2013). Page 52.

04 Namdapha Buffer Zone

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