Miao (ST) Assembly Constituency and Leaders

Our people came in contact with this political constituency in 1995, after a gap of fifteen years. Since we became heavily involved with its political processes. I summarize basic information about our constituency.  

  • Two Circles, Vijoynagar and Miao, make up this constituency. Population of Vijoynagar is 3,988 and Miao 20,266 (Wikipedia), which is about 17:83 ratio. Perhaps, this delimitation came in 2008 (Delimitation  Of Parliamentary And Assembly Constituencies Order, 2008).
  • Congress Party dominated this power seat. Data available from 1990 till date, Congress candidate took over. So unless another stronger political party comes to the picture, the Congress will continue to hold the power in the days to come.
  • From 1980s till now, two Congress candidates ruled: Samchom Ngemu and Kamlung Mossang. Ngemu was in power till 2003. During his tenure, no one could win him. But strangely, he no more contested. I wonder why. After that Kamlung Mossang came in power and he is still the current MLA from our constituency. KK Muklom is the only one who challenged both of them as Independent candidate but lost both times.
  • In the 2004 State Assembly election, Miao Constituency had 16,018 voters. 10,523 casted their votes and Mossang overtook Muklom by a margin of 651 votes.

Highlights of the two leaders:

  • Ngemu: at the start of his career, we saw the cut off of our Indian citizenship. But our basic right of citizenship was restored in 1994. We began to participate in Panchayati Raj. He also proposed a separate border block for Vijoynagar in the cabinet. He worked with the YTWC.
  • Mossang: He helped many patients – many got medical treatments. He helped some students; I was one of those whom he helped. Vijoynagar Anchal Block was declared in March 2013. He secured a settlement for Lisu at the LC Line. The construction of the MV Road started. He strengthened the Congress in our society and worked only through the Congress workers.

Both did not answer for our Scheduled Tribe status.

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