Tigers in Namdapha National Park

The Project Tiger boasts the number of tigers in Namdapha have increased over the years. 49 in 1993, 52 in 1995, 57 in 1997 and 61 in 2002. If there were so many how could Aaranyak, a Guwahati-based NGO captured only one during their research in 2012? Read their news release.

Aparajitta Datta, who researched in Namdapha area over a decade, concluded there was no indication of the presence of tiger “there was no evidence of tigers (Panthera tigris), suggesting their possible extinction from the lower elevation forests”. (See her paper “Empty forests: Large carnivore and prey abundance in Namdapha National Park, north-east India”). This is coming from a researcher who have recently became a member of National Tiger Conservation Authority.

The villagers of Vijoynagar Circle, both settlers and Lisu, have been trekking to and fro through the Park for these years. I wonder how many have seen a tiger. I haven’t heard anyone attacked by tiger till this date.

Throughout my student years and since, I have been walking through, in all 13 times. I haven’t seen either. Below: My itinerary through the Namdapha.

Shidi to Miao Miao to Shidi
1993 Feb
1998 April
1998 October
2003 April
2003 June
2004 April
2004 June
2006 August
2008 Dec
2009 January
2011 October
2012 February
5 Times 7 Times

I keep thinking: Why would Namdapha people over shot the numbers?

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