Yobin Tribe Welfare Society

Know thyself and all will be revealed ― Pamela Theresa Loertscher.


Till 1980, there was no felt need to have organized body of leaders. Panchayat System took on the leadership. But then the Panchayat System was cut off from us.

Following that an informal group called “Public Development Action” was formed under the leadership of Yoaphu (Current ZPM). They led until the Yobin Tribe Welfare Society (YTWC) came into existence.


A tribe level public meeting was held in the church premises at Shidi in January 1990. The decision to form YTWC was passed. Twenty-four members were selected, with Phusa (President), Wafuli (Treasurer) and Late Hoyofu (General Secretary) holding the key positions.

The body had three major objectives:

  • Demand for restoration of Indian Citizenship rights.
  • Restoration of Scheduled Tribe status.
  • Settlement of land demarcation with the Namdapha National Park.


The early 1990s saw many agitations, at least three, for Indian Citizenship. I remember our people from Shidi walked whole day to Vijoynagar and raised our voice. Everyone carried food for themselves. Lisu brothers and sisters in Dawodi and Hazolo villages provided refreshments. In all these, our approach and philosophy was non-violence. Finally on January 18, 1994 the Indian Citizenship was restored.


Two more objectives are yet to fulfill: ST and land demarcation.  None of us should lose focus from the main goal.

I think we should add another important objective: Special Vijoynagar Block. The current provision is just for name sake.


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