Complaint Letter Against the Lisu/Yobin by a Nepali man





[After learning about this complaint from our YTWC leader, Mr Liakhu, I have decided to withdraw this post. This incident happened in 2000. At that time the post appeared in the Dawn-Lit Post (on 11 October 2000), Arunachal Times, and The Echo of Arunachal.

This matter was settled and defended well by our leaders, Mr Liakhu and Manasi. They met three AAPSU executives – General Secretary, Convener and others in Itanagar, though, they could not meet their President, Mr Nabum Julo.

Subsequent to this our leaders and Nepali leaders made an agreement not to disturb one another. And to live in harmony.

So I request all our friends not to use that post to flame communal clashes.]

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