Know Dawodi Area: Border Pass

Border Pass around Dawodi (Map: Treks to India - Burma Border).

Border Pass around Dawodi (Map: Treks to India – Burma Border).

Our area is three sides surrounded by Himalayan Mountains and by international borders with Burma. There are four strategic locations around Vijoynagar called “Pass”. Looks like those are potential “gates” in future where trade points between the two countries could take place in future. For example, Pangsu Pass.

  • Siddi Pass: It is about 5 km south of Shidi village. That also happen to be the edge of Patkai Range.
  • Hukawng Pass: I don’t know what language that is. It is located south of Dawodi village. In Myanmar side there is valley called Hukawng Valley. Perhaps the pass is named after that mountain.
  • Chaukan Pass: Perhaps this is the most popular among all, located about 30 km east of Dawodi. This became popular because during the World War II many British soldiers fled through this pass, when the Japanese army advanced against them. Geoffrey Tyson’s book “Forgotten Frontiers” gives that description.
  • Mugaphi Pass: That’s north of Dawodi and we see that from our village as the highest point and it has much snow than other peaks. The nearest town of Myanmar is Putao also called Fort Hertz, because it was a British military outpost (Wikipedia).
  • Gphuka Pass: Between Mugaphi Pass and Chaukan Pass lies this pass.

Now the Myanmar Government has started the democratic process for the country. I wish the Indo-Burma will become so good that these Border Passes will be opened so that we can freely trade.

In 2010, I met a research scholar from Myanmar in Malaysia and he told me Putao (Kachin District) is the only area that has snow in the whole country. I really wish their government will develop that side until Mugaphi as good tourist station.

Perhaps that way, they might even set up a mobile tower on Mugaphi peak and we can use their mobile signals. There is not much we can hope from our own government.


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