Know Dawodi Area: Namdapha National Park

Outline of Namdapha National Park (


Few Observations from the Map:

  • Namdapha occupies the whole land from 10th Mile to 80th Mile. The 80th Mile is just two km from Shidi village. So the Lisu land left is between 80th Mile and Ramnagar, about 8 to 9 km.
  • There are many tribes around Namdapha: Tangsa, Singpho, Chakma, Miju Mishmi and Lisu. But when it comes to blaming (see any news reports or ask Namdapha people), only the Lisu is announced as “animal killers”. I wonder how that could be.
  • The names of all the five villages within Namdapha – Sichoto, Yacheley, Nibudi, Ngwazakha and Aguchi – do not appear on the map. Only the miles such 77, 67, 52, 38 and upper 38. The people who developed the maps like Aparajitta and others knew the names well.

Current Happenings (Just Samples):

  • At the beginning of this year, some of our vehicles could through Dawodi. At that time, the Namdapha Authorities imposed Rs 500 per trip. What such authority they have on us? They are not revenue people. They are supposed to collect from tourists.
  • When our people walk on foot for four days and arrive in Deban or 6th Mile, they asked our people to pull out everything. They want to see everything in.
  • They raised very high objections for MV Road. That stuck for a long time. Plus, now the road is not going to be tar within the Namdapha area. Can we ride fast on such road?

Potential Future:

Three years ago a colleague of mine went to Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary in border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There are three tribes – Kadar, Malasar and Mala Malasar among others. There tribes there have much restrictions:

  • They must stay within their village boundary. Even if their cattle stray to forest, they have to pay fine. They cannot do in.
  • Only one government bus ferry their village. It goes in the morning and return in the evening. No other vehicles allowed.
  • Outsiders must get special permission to visit them.
  • The authorities continually offer compensation so that they will move out of their area and go elsewhere.

Our situation will not be any different, especially for the five villages within their declared park area.


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